Flogging the Penis of Jimi Hendrix

I notice that you can now buy a plaster cast of the penis of the legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix for a mere US$1 500.  As the maker, Cynthia P. Caster says,

Because this was one of my first shots at plaster casting, the end result came out kind of gnarly. I prematurely cracked the mould open, only to find a still-moist, broken cast inside. So yes, Jimi did in fact, break the mould! But thanks to Elmer’s Glue, I managed to reconnect the head to the shaft to the testicles.” 

Jimi’s penis is only one of several rock stars’ private bits on offer and all are briefly critiqued like footnotes to an art auction catalogue.


Whether or not this is – or is intended to be– art is a matter of opinion, I suspect. 

What interested me in the sale of celebrity privates is the contrast it makes to the recent furore generated by photographs of a knickerless Britney Spears.  Leaving aside the somewhat vast gap between the talents of the two performers, why are photographs of Spears’s privates viewed as bad taste and the 3D representation of Hendrix’s as worthy of framing and (I presume) displaying in one’s lounge room?


Does one image confirm Jimi’s art and the other that Britney’s a tart, perhaps?


And what is the relationship between a musician’s floppy bits and their music?  I mean, seriously, his penis was probably the only part of his body that Jimi Hendrix didn’t play the guitar with.


(You can check out more of the frozen funny-bits of the fairly famous at http://www.cynthiapcaster.org/casts/_dicks/casts_hendrix_page/hendrix_page.htm)


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11 responses to “Flogging the Penis of Jimi Hendrix

  1. Oh. My. GOSH. Here is art in a form I’ve never seen; never considered; never dreamed of. I’ve just been to the artist’s site, and I adore her category names (“dicks” and “tits”). I wonder what the models for her work think when they look at the disparities in size, etc. on display for the world to see? (Jimi certainly seems to … um … come out on top.) How does the artist suggest such a project to someone, I wonder? How much is the model paid to surrender his or her tenderest parts to a tank of plaster? And how many people are shelling out $1500 to have a cast of Jimi’s johnson? 😀

  2. And where do you display it? Between the wedding photograph and the tennis trophy?

  3. Robertco

    Will this make my Britney Spears stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=772

  4. Doktor Holocaust

    i think the difference between plaster casts of Little Jimi and pictures of the other britney-orifice that can’t stay closed is that Hendrix played out of passion, out of love for the music and the culture of the time, while Spears is some groomed-since-infancy corporate marketing ploy gone haywire. One is a peek at a truly inspired man’s secret, the other is like reading the ingredients of a fast-food cheeseburger.

  5. You got that right, Dok. Thanks for all the comments BTW.

  6. loubird

    Well…Hendrix has obviously entered into the realm of the holy and deified. He’s in the same company as Jesus’ foreskin, which seemed to exist in many places throughout medieval Europe and had many devoted pilgrims. Britany, obviously, has not attained holy status, yet. I’d say look for it after she dies and becomes “classic” pop.

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  8. KiNgDeeM

    Jimi Hendrix was able to play the guitar with his penis.

  9. alp0125

    I have a friend that saw Jimi play the guitar with his penis when she was 12…it was the first penis she’d seen in person. Legendary.

  10. Paula Blissett

    Jimi was well endowed, and VERY proud!!!

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