Sexual Conundrum #31


Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  Does this still apply if I am a masochist?



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3 responses to “Sexual Conundrum #31

  1. Hmm, interesting thought. Of course the golden rule is flawed as you have aptly pointed out. The real rule, what some call the Platinum rule is “do unto others as they would like to have done unto them”
    Works much better, don’t your think?

  2. But it can’t be flawed, Tobeme – it’s from the Bible! Like all things that seem obvious, the truth so often is shaded by nuance. Even your admirable alternative has its limitations e.g. Should I give a pederast my child?

  3. Doktor Holocaust

    see, for me, it’s not a conundrum. But I’m a switch, and equally happy on either end of the whip/crop/wartenburg-wheel/flogger/cattleprod/huge-knife/etc.

    I think this Golden Rule, as it appears in the Bible, is a mistranslation. It did go from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English through the hands of translators with all kinds of agendas, after all. I imagine the original was more sensible, like “Do Unto Others, and then it’s their turn to Do Unto You.”

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