5 reasons that men objectify women

  1. image51.jpgWomen objectify themselves.  No, really!  It is no good pretending that women want men to notice them for their inherent qualities if all they ever ask is how fat an arse they have or what’s different about their hair.
  2. Men objectify everyone.  It makes it so much easier for them to carry out those other tricky roles they’ve been assigned such as killing people to protect fat arses and ripping off workers in poor nations to put designer labels on perfect female backs.
  3. It’s a mark of respect.  Instead of being offended, women might consider thinking of themselves as objects d’art. They may be seen as mere things but at least they are things of beauty.
  4. It’s nature.  Men treat women as objects; women treat men as means to the accumulation of objects.  Nature in perfect balance!
  5. Laziness.   After all, it is so much easier to think, “Nice legs.” than “I wonder if, like Schopenhauer, she believes that human will has ontological primacy over the intellect; in other words, if she believes desire is understood to be prior to thought and that will is prior to being.”


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43 responses to “5 reasons that men objectify women

  1. Cori

    I am a woman, and all I ever ask is NOT “how fat an arse [I] have and what’s different about [my] hair.” Don’t be so quick to make assumptions that will only further your case. Not everything is black and white.

  2. Brandon

    Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, Cori.

  3. Ed

    “other tricky roles they’ve been assigned such as killing people to protect fat arses and ripping off workers in poor nations to put designer labels on perfect female backs.”

    1. If killing people is so “tricky”, I’d like to see women try it.

    2. Most workers in poor nations are damned lucky to actually have a job when there are thousands more waiting for one.

    3. Notice, in history a country has been by a woman in VERY few cases. Pretty tricky role, i think.

    Why has there never been a woman on the moon, Cori?
    Because the moon hasn’t needed cleaning yet.

    • AR

      Answer to 1) Women are not as pig headed and down right foolish as men. They would not be caught in a situation where they would have an only choice of killing. Women would talk things out, and come to a consensus before things began getting “physical.”

      Answer to 2) That is true, but if women had a higher stance in government and actually could add something to the choices that the government made they would be adding valuable information without the horrible hormones like “testosterone” kicking in and or making a large impact on the woman’s choice. Ergo to the run on sentence, women would provide more jobs so that everyone from a hobo on the curb to a juvenile teen could find a job, a fair paying, important job.

      Answer to 3) Men are too ignorant, and self righteous to even THINK of letting a women help or lead a country to peace let alone a nation. And you (pardon my language) biggot of a writer named “Ed” (just because your a biggot doesn’t mean that I think any negative or horrid thoughts about you I just detest your mind) have seemed to just glide past the ugly bits of female history that states that women are “no good for thinking” or how about in history when women have their feet bound, or are lashed, and or beaten because of their gender. Excuse me for pointing this out, but this ALL still happens in many eastern countries!!!! Women are objectified because men don’t feel that women have anything to offer and more so are scared that YES women can beat men. Women aren’t built of humongous muscles, but they don’t have testosterone fogging up their choices, they could make humongous ginormous robotic machines that could beat you men up, but women wouldn’t or would try not to have people dying in Afghanistan, or have the option of bomb use. Anyways, I will point out that with out women, the human race would be……… DEMOLISHED, DEPLEATED, and GONE!!! Women do all the hard work, that’s because men are to stupid and sexist and can’t remember that some things need to get done, and that doesn’t include drinking. I’m sorry but if you haven’t noticed it’s always the men that are murderers, rapists, and terrorists. Not the women, because taking anger out by killing doesn’t solve anything but men are to stupid to realize it.

      So anyone here that doesn’t believe that women have something more to offer, you can go jump off a cliff thank you very much and or contact me at abbierinton@yahoo.com

      *Note: I am a female writing this “reply.”

      • Joseph

        …. no fucking duh the human race would be “DEMOLISHED, DEPLEATED, and GONE!!!” without women, but honestly, it would be the same without men (and don’t pull that ‘oh we can freeze sperm’ shit. because we can also take eggs, and grow them outside of a human female) and all of your arguments seem to suggest that ALL women are the same…. which i’m pretty sure is wrong….

    • Abigail

      Really! Oh Really! You know what killing someone is not tricky, and you know what is tricky, figuring out you how you will have to balance your life once you have a next baby. AND do you know what, we would go on the moon IF we WANTED TO!!! How dare you?! I could rule a country and go and fight it out in war because guess what, UNLESS YOU NEED A PENIS TO DO IT I CAN DO IT TOO. Men might say that they are phisically stronger than us, that may be true that but we are emotionally stronger. Dont forget most of the problems you have in life will be emotional not physical so well done us ladies we got it going on!!!!!!!!!!!! X

  4. Ryan

    “Why has there never been a woman on the moon, Cori?
    Because the moon hasn’t needed cleaning yet.”


  5. Todd

    All I know is that I have objectifyed women my whole life, a few months ago, (11 to be exact) I recieved treatment for addiction and have cleaned up my life after many years of disfunction. I find that I can`t stop looking at women on the street not for any particullar reason, other than I have programed myself to do it! The reason it has become a problem for me is as follows, my new fiance feels I objectify her by looking at another woman and it hurts her because she says that it makes her look bad because that girl is saying to herself “that guy was checking me out when he should be paying attention to his own girl”? I understand that way of thinking and I really am trying to stop and I love my wife dearly and I will be devistated if we do not work this out! There has only been a month pass since she has brought this to my attention and I know if she really belives that I love her she will cut me some slack and give it some time for me to change my behaviour, it is not going to change immediatley. I have left a message for a local counsilling firm that can help! I hope she can try to understand it is a behaviour that I can obviously can not change on my own! I love my wife to be and I will do anything I have to, to change my ways! Todd.

  6. Stu

    Tell her to go f@@k herself todd. Women objectify themselves. They do it to extract benefit from men to get things they can not get themselves……….which is……practically everything. Lets face it……..women have survived throughout history by getting men to provide for them…….and they are still doing it. And no matter how feminist society becomes………they will do it………even more.

    Even today…….men mine all the metals……make all the buildings……..roads…….footpaths………cars…..machinery………etc etc…….not because society is sexist………because most of these jobs suck……….but because men can do it……..and women can’t……..men also invent nearly everything for the same reason……….they can……..women cant. Women would have you believe otherwise………but the fact that after years of favortism in education…….affirmative action……..etc etc etc………..they still basically excel in nothing except crying victim and using their tits and arse to sucker guys into providing for them. As our dependents………they have no right calling the shots telling you which way you can point your eyes……….tell her to piss off if she can’t stop being such an idiot control freak.

  7. AFewGoodMen...

    Stu, you’re an idiot. Period. No pun intended.

  8. Fuck you

    This is the most useless piece of garbage I have ever had the misfortune to stumble upon. It terrifies me that such worthless dribble is available on the internet where impressionable youth have the potential to stumble across it. I hope you rot for the things you said in stupidity.

    • AFewGoodMen...

      umm… I hope that little piece of concentrated hate wasn’t aimed in *my* direction, “F*** you”??!

      …but then, if you’re “Stu” under another psuedonym…

      • Fuck you

        Hahaha, no it was directed at the original post.

      • AFewGoodMen...


        THAT’S a relief — I’d like to think I’ve been pretty well-behaved online so far, hence avoided unwanted abuse. I’d hate to break the habit of a lifetime!

        Oh, and in that case, I second your emotion on this hot topic (minus the expletives, of course…)

    • I am a member of the unimpressionable youth. Had I been the opposite, I would merely have learned by your reply that hoping for a human being to rot and unreasoned hate is perfectly fine. Fortunately I have a mind for myself and need not people who means misfortune for others to tell me what is worthless dribble. The only misfortune I see in this is your inability to comprehend the meaning of perspective and your ignorance of your lack of perspective. Also you should look up the word ‘irony’ and don’t misinterpret it as sarcasm. Perhaps it’ll scare some sense into you.

      • Fuck you

        This is all a matter of perspective, your post is yours, the author of the original posts is his, and my post is mine. If it pisses you off, good, I’m glad that I have offended you and caused you to feel emotion of some kind. I mean, isn’t that the purpose of interaction? Thank you for your angered words, it makes me happy to see that you question things and understand not to take things at face value.

        Thank you for making my day better.

      • Perspective is no good if you cannot see it from others. Therefore it shouldn’t matter who writes which post, but rather the content and reason behind the content in the post itself in this particular case. There is no words of anger nor do you offend me. You merely preach that censoring a different perspective on a subject other than your own lest the impressionable youth should see it, whilst using near-profanity and death wishes, which is what I commented on. The purpose of interaction isn’t just to create emotions. The field of communication is massive and cannot easily be described as ‘to cause one to feel emotion’. In a sane discussion, per example this one, I have no need to feel emotion because I only use valid, logical, reasonable arguments. What else would you need in a debate?

  9. Fuck you

    I would not look too closely into the things I have said on here Ian Jade. My original post on here was a joke, I felt like being an asshole. Stop taking things so seriously, this is the internet.

    • I believe that ‘closely’ is an exaggeration. For this I can only say that if it was a joke, you simply failed to express so clearly and perhaps your sense of humour doesn’t translate well into text. Taking everything on the Internet less serious because it’s the Internet is also lack of perspective. 🙂

  10. Fuck you

    As much as you keep saying this I find that your point really just matters less and less to me. Have a nice life sir, I have far too much to do to continue this e-conversation.

  11. CogInTheMachine

    Is there anyone on the internet not trying to prove their ability to have individual thought? I know I am doing it my self by writing this, but I hope that someone somewhere will read it and realise that posting in forums ultimately has no meaning, so give it up before we waste our lives. Mmm… should I delete this to avoid the hassle of responses? Nah, I just wont check back…

  12. lostintranslation11

    Love your thoughts on this!! Love the controversy it created even more..hehe…way to go!!!!! LOVE it:)

    • ImAdude

      I find this whole thing hilarious and am surprised there hasnt been more trolling. I know I’m showing up a bit late but meh. here’s my contribution:

      Why couldn’t Helen Keller drive?

      Because she was a woman.

      Also any woman reading this and getting pissed get the hell over yourself. Men do objectify women. Women do objectify themselves. And since half the women out there are just looking to marry a rich guy and make some money, well, you brought it on yourselves.

  13. John

    I think generally this might be truth to the fact that there are men who objectify women and women who use men for their wims but that is those are the type of people you should seek to avoid in any relationship if you meet someone who you have an interest in that may be chauvinist or sexist then move on until you meet someone who isnt there are people who dont. like myself I dont objectify women and my sisters arent gold diggers so there are good people out there dont give up and blame the other sex and yeah this post flawed in my opinion

  14. WeArentStupidRight

    the views from the post are the extremes of our left over instincts but were smarter than primitive behaviors but these ratios might be close enough but since were human and all results may vary but getting as close to this as possible will make for a happy pairing. With that said Men = 80%work 20%looks and Women = 80%looks 20%work. to meet the qualifications to breed. “She ain’t a gold digger but she ain’t messin with a broke nigga” and the star quarter back of the championship team always has a hot girlfriend. Tom Brady and Adrianna Lima. Heidi Klum and the fat ass guido that owned the F1 team that she was married too.

  15. betty

    I can’t believe this is even a topic of discussion. Man and woman both have their qualities. In one person there are qualities of both gender. i don’t know why are we fighting over it. i just think this one argument is so good and you people missundestood it – the one about killing people. you are fighting around the question if women could kill – well fuck yeah, but why killing? the author in my perspective was talking about need to objectify people to be able to kill them. if women are soldiers they would need to objectify those people they are killing too. i think we often forget that men aren’t from mars and women aren’t from venus. weare all people from planet earth. so, why don’t we love each other and live in a healthy sex-gender society…. love and kisses from a girl :*

  16. SageOfTenPaths

    I haven’t seen such an alarming amount of stupidity, ignorance and a “pig like” attitude anywhere. Some of you need help.

  17. jkljkl

    HOLY SHIT. I don’t want objects from men and this is the most disgraceful site I have ever seen. Come say this to my face and I’ll make your face an object.

    • Tiffany

      haha jkljkl ill join you.
      And to all the pig headed shallow pitiful excuses identified as “men” who think women objectify themselves to get “objects”?? … let me reassure you I make more money per year than every man on this site. IM 30 years old and I am hot. Bangin body and a 10 in the face. And the reason I stumbled accross this ridiculous site is bc I keep meeting the most insecure pig headed douche bags like the author of this site. I was doing some “empirical” google research on the objectification of women to find out why I keep attracting douchebags who are cheap and think every woman they meet is a gold digger. The reason you think that is bc youve been conditioned by the media to believe the more money you have the hotter the girl you can get. You all need to get a clue and go get some education for god sake.

  18. You are pathetic. No woman would have you so you have to assert your broken ego by trying to bring them down ot your level. Have fun with your hand

  19. I know what I'm talking about

    I am a girl. With the correct answer. Women are objectified and thought to belong to men becuase thats how the past was. Becuase by brute strength we are weaker. But we are more pain tolerent (look it up) lets see u men have your tender area’s ripped apart in child birth. Not to mention that while men seem to only care about sports and boobs women work hard. And dont tell me to get back to the kitchen. I’d burn down my house! My husband cooks becuase i suck at it. I work hard and make more then a lot of u ever will. If your wondering why women have not been to the moon or in goverment ut’s becuase the pointless sexism of the past hasnt let them be there. It’s sexsist pigs like some of you that keep women out of office. Then u think u can try to say we just arnt good enough for it. Women only do less becuase they are told by stereotypes they can’t. I’m also stronger then most of u. I have been in kung fu since i was young. I know moves to break your arm before you can throw a punch! So don’t think i’m less then you. I am equal. And after reading some of the synical pig headed opinion here i know i am above a lot of u.

    • Jordan

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I was going to go on a rant about why women hadn’t gone to the moon (news flash, sexist assholes: women weren’t allowed to be astronauts until years after the last man went to the moon, so it has nothing to do with capability and all to do with sexism.), but I think I can pretty much just say “what she said” and leave it at that. C:

      And to all you sexist assholes, if men are so much better, why are they so damn STUPID. When do women taser their tongues? When do women stick their heads in crocodile mouths? When do women jump of the roofs of buildings into pools? Most men don’t have common sense. That’s why I fear for the fate of a world ruled by men.

  20. LOL

    you seriously dont know what you’re talking about

  21. Oscarandre

    Hello Everyone – thanks for all that feedback. For the record, it was only a piece of irony. Objectification is something people do, it’s not limited to the way men see women, or the way women see men but the way ALL of us sometimes view each other. Try not to do it, ok?

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