8 Random things about Oscarandre

  1. picasso-guitara-player.jpgI was once married to a perfectionist until I decided that I couldn’t spend my life scrubbing flaws. 
  2. For a while I flirted with being gay but found that this lifestyle cannot be sustained on the simple premise that the world is full of arseholes.
  3. I have the temperament of an artist but without any redeeming talent.
  4. Artistically I am a nihilistic minimalist, which is nothing to write about, I can tell you.
  5. My main hobby is ennui and I have managed to combine this cleverly with my career.
  6. For a long time I thought I was paranoid schizophrenic but the doctor told me that the nagging little voices would disappear when my kids left home.
  7. I am interested in sex but the feeling is not reciprocated.
  8. When I grow up I want to be like my Dad but not so old (or sleeping with my mother).

 Caveblogemand solnushka nominated me for this meme so you can pass on your thanks by visiting their blogs



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14 responses to “8 Random things about Oscarandre

  1. Funnily enough my hobby is procrastination, and it’s amazing how much you get done when you are trying to put something else off, so I suppose I base my whole career on that. Certainly my housework at least.

    And I am growing up just like my Mum. Is there actually a way to avoid this?

    Splendidly intriguing items there anyway.

  2. Well, Solnushka, you know what Wilde said about this mum thing: “All women become like their mothers; that is their tragedy. No man ever does; that is his.”

  3. Doktor Holocaust

    I thought I might be gay once. I’d had a rotten relationship with a woman who was very unsafe to be around and it ended in a big messy Chuck Palahniukish sort of way, and for months afterwards I couldn’t stand the site of naked women, and thought that perhaps I’d been on the wrong side of the fence. Then I remembered I’m a misanthrope and therefore equally disiniterested in both sexes (revealing that my whole problem was that I’d tried dating to begin with), which is around the time I developed an unnatural fondness for glass bottles and jars.

  4. Well, I think that is very even-handed of you, Dok. No point in playing favourites.

  5. Doktor Holocaust

    I’m trying to work on broadening my scope a bit, as it’s really unfair of me to prefer various lumps of vegetation and small furry animals to people, but I’m just too lazy to hate that much. It’s hard to stand there in the produce section and come up with reasons to hate everything in it. I’ve tried, but i usually just wind up craving bananas.

  6. The temperament of an artist – and what might that be, Oscar? 🙂

    Laughed out loud at your post!

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  8. Don,t worry about No 3 it is still possible you could win the Turner prize. Give them a blank canvas and call it ‘Ennui’ or ‘Aphrodite by the watering hole on a foggy day’.

  9. Arnold, I love the possibilities. Perhaps a blank canvas with”Portrait of the artist as a long dead man”

  10. Ladyinpink – well I guess you could describe the artistic temperament as I throw tantrums and drink too much…

  11. Doktor Holocaust

    Throw some spam, scrapple, and other assorted meat products on the canvas and call it Portrait of the Artist After A Horrible Industrial Accident. as the Chocolate Jesus fiasco proves, art gets more attention when it’s made out of food.

  12. Congratulations on the most clever eight things I’ve seen revealed in response to this meme. LOL@the nagging little voices.

  13. Gee, that’s generous, Icedmocha – Thank you, you can come by anytime!

  14. I’ve always been so grateful that I’m not gay… if I were, I would probably have ended up with my best friend (who actually is gay) as my lover, and we would have killed each other . . . we’re far too alike. Thank God I dodged that bullet.

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