Sexual Conundrum #51


Is it dangerous to have oral sex with someone who minces their words?  What about someone who stutters?



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10 responses to “Sexual Conundrum #51

  1. And god forbid, Lockjaw.

  2. Stuttering might be something one could become addicted to.

    Compulsive teeth grinders are another matter, though.

  3. Doktor Holocaust

    it’s the people with the corndog-eating-contest trophies you need to worry about.

  4. Hmm, methinks a stutterer might be rather good at it… 😉

  5. Simonne – yeah, that crossed my mind too. And obviously yours too, Paul.
    Amuirin, you have a twisted mind – don’t change!
    And, Dok, I am trying so hard to be worried but that image of yours just stays with me (and it’s kind of OK…)

  6. It’s better if you remove your dentures first. 🙂

  7. You want to avoid people who really get their teeth into their work. On the other hand, someone who tends to be tongue in cheek would probably have some skill. Above all, you want someone who’s ready and willing to mouth off. 😉

  8. Doktor Holocaust

    Yeah, there’s nothing quite like that satisfying “Splitch!” as teeth break the skin of a thick, juicy frankfurter and all the salty juices inside, already in an agitated state after a minute in the microwave, just spray all over your mouth…

    what, nobody else cooks their hot dogs by microwave? that reminds me, I’m out. I gotta get to the store.

  9. Dok – I’m not sure if I’ve just lost my appetite for frankfurters or oral sex…

  10. Doktor Holocaust

    Anything that can happen to a hot dog in someone’s mouth can happen to a penis. I will not go into details on how I learned this, suffice to say it cost me my appetite for oral sex.

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