Pa on Mars

mars.jpgWe are sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner and my 10-year-old son starts rattling off all this stuff about Mars.  I mean, he really rattled it off; facts figures, theories and the history of exploration.  “Where did you hear all that?” I ask in quiet awe of this seed of my loins, this progeny of my potency. “I learned it at school today,” he replies. Now, I being a father of great perspicacity, immediately recognise THE LEARNING MOMENT!  Yes, here is my opportunity to take that spark of knowledge and build it into an inferno of inquiry, a veritable cognitive conflagration!  In short, I shall lead him into the light.   I rattle off a few offhand facts of my own.  “Did you know that?” I say with only a hint of provocation. “No,” he answers looking up from his mashed potato.  He looks just a bit dismayed like he wishes he had said nothing.  Well, my boy, do never challenge an old warrior. I am on a roll.  “When you finish dinner, “ I announce gazing benevolently around the table, “ we will get on the Internet and find the NASA site.  From there we will find facts and photographs to awe and amaze.  We will Google until you have more information than you can poke a stick at. ”  I pause in the pregnant silence. “Well,” I beam, “what do you say to that?” My son loves me.  He is a gentle boy and wise.  He looks up at me with eyes that know no guile. He says gently and with great patience, “Dad, I said I learned it; I didn’t say I enjoyed it.” 



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14 responses to “Pa on Mars

  1. Out of the mouths of babes 🙂 That’s too funny!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog to btw.

  2. Oh that’s classic! Cool kid!

  3. S

    HAH! Brilliant!

    Though, I wish my parents loved space as much as I.

  4. Doktor Holocaust

    Wow, they must have good schools there. here, they (well, we) teach kids that space is full of orbital mind-control satellites; Very Ancient Living Intelligent Systems (which are like mind-control satellites, but more benevolent); tentacled horrors that cause insanity and feed on human anguish (we call that God, for some reason); and little earless elf-people that collect X-files DVDs, Elvis impersonation equipment, and cow-anuses.

    as the great prophet HP Lovecraft wrote “We live on a placid island of ignorance, and it was not meant that we should venture far.” – The Call of Cthulhu.

  5. Witty kid you got Oscar, that’s a great future asset.

  6. Hello senoritadorkita – how good of you to drop by. Excuse the mess sometimes.
    Thanks, Simmone. I think I read that you were getting married which is the start of every great tragedy. I would never do it again but for the fact of my children (although I’m told I may well change my mind when they become teenagers).
    Hi S – it is brilliant, isn’t it. He is12 now but still amazes.
    You know, Dok, I wish I could say that we did have good schools here (well, better schools anyway). My boy learned everything just by listening and there are so many other ways to teach.
    Hello, John – maybe even to Mars one day…
    Thanks, Zaid (although he was actually being truthful, something we as adults often confuse with wit…)

  7. Doktor Holocaust

    Yes, but none of them so effectively convey the importance of sitting down and being quiet.

  8. heathenly

    Hahahahaha! My son hates when I go off on learned tangents. I can see his eyes glazing over, but I can’t seem to stop talking…

  9. My daughter would have said, don’t push it!

  10. (giggling) I love his honesty. He seems like an auditory learner, if he just rattled off what he heard.

  11. tara

    awesome kid you got there.

  12. madi

    it is cool four my project.

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