I swear I didn’t raise my kids differently; they just turned out nothing like each other.  Maybe it’s a gender thing. 

Anyway, I’ve decided to take them to Bali this year, their first overseas holiday.  We are looking through the brochures together.  There are photographs of our hotel, jungle adventures and palm trees.  The mood of excitement is palpable and my eleven year old daughter exclaims, “Wow, Dad – elephants!”

Barely have the words passed her lips than my 13 year old son, in tones equally ecstatic, cries, “Wow, Dad – cable TV!”



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5 responses to “Holidays

  1. max

    You are sure there were no mix ups at the hospital?

  2. Kym

    It’s a boy thing. Something happens in the toughening years between 10 and 13. Boys become connected to electrical boxes–tv, computer, xbox. Their most passionate relationship is with the non human.

  3. The time to worry will be when your daughter starts demanding an elephant instead of a pony.

  4. Reminds me of Billy Connolly telling of taking his kids for a tour of Scotland in a van which was equipped with a TV. At the end of the holiday he asked them what was the best thing they had seen during the trip ? … Their answer … “Sesame Street” ! 🙂

  5. Tell me you wouldn’t even consider a vacation without cable TV? 🙂

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