Class Management 101

A teacher I knew told how he always had trouble with a particular class of 14 year olds when he came to explain the joys of human reproduction.  Inevitably, the boys, in particular, would snigger and whisper during his lesson and no admonishment or threat on his part seemed to affect the mature reflection he desired.  Then, one day, he found the solution without really trying.  Turning suddenly from the blackboard, he bore down on a hapless boy caught giggling to the student next to him.  At the top of his voice the teacher commanded, “You, son!  What’s a penis?” Apparently the remainder of the lesson assumed an unusual gravitas both profound and undisturbed.


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5 responses to “Class Management 101

  1. max

    Oh that is something I really should have read before I ever walked into a room full of high school aged students. It would have come in way handy.

  2. Too funny!

    My daughter is fifteen, and she told me how the boys drove her nuts in health class with their smirks and jokes during sex education. I don’t think her teacher knew how to stop them; I know I wouldn’t have thought of that solution.

  3. LOL! Wonderful solution.

  4. At the school I went to, the solution would have been much simpler: the teacher would just throw at blackboard rubber at someone instead. Ah, the joys of education…

  5. loubird

    In one class I saw a girl so excited to answer an anatomy question in a sex education course that she answered “Virginia” instead. Haha, needless to say we started calling her Virgina for the rest of the school year.

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