Madmen at the lights


Today at the traffic lights I watched a madman talking to himself, beating his fist against his forehead and staring with fury into a tree.  I wondered what he saw there that I could not.  When I came home I couldn’t help thinking of it; how I drove off lost in my angry thoughts, leaving him there with his angry visions, and both of us missing the sky.



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7 responses to “Madmen at the lights

  1. S

    Speaking from experience, sometimes, it’s better to not know.

  2. Atleast he had a genuine reason but you?

  3. Life is cruel and there is no one on whom we can lay the blame. Anger is a natural reaction.

  4. max

    That tree had it coming.

  5. Tim

    But at the end of the day, you saw the sky. We can’t choose what emotions land between our ears. Like birds lighting on a tree limb, they come and go.

    What I can do is choose what builds a nest there, and what doesn’t. You chose wisely. – Tim

  6. I hope that you weren’t looking in the rear view mirror, mate !

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