I’m funny, like me

So, like a living cliche of unrequited love, I decide to run away to a distant outback town of miners, dust and gold. I say it is for work so that you won’t know it is because of you. Probably you guess anyway. You tell me I will love it there.  You sound excited but I can only notice that it is the first time you mention me and love in the same sentence. A few nights before I leave – this is summer, the nights are close and there’s the ring of crickets in the air –I drive my car far into the flat, moonlit wheat fields. I watch road trains sweep past me and am desperate for something I cannot name. My heart is swimming for you; I want to run or scream or cry.  Instead, I turn around and drive home.  David Crosby is on the radio and he pours harmonies into my blood.  I am full of the things I cannot touch:  the night, the music and love. I sing along “I just want to hold you; I don’t want to hold you down.” but I know this is not true, that I really feel the opposite. Then I am gone and the summer grows between us and our one night together, a night when I drunkenly kissed your laughing face, everything so brilliant and you out of focus so clearly.  Months later you write me a letter to say you have met someone. You write, “He reminds me of you” and you do it without irony or cruelty, just the heedlessness of early love. You are right about one thing though: I do love that mining town and I marry this beautiful teacher there.  I hear that you marry a policeman with a sense of humour. Now the teacher and the cop are gone and the years have swept us together again on this strange promontory.  You send me an email out of the blue and when I reply you write, “I’d forgotten your dry sense of humour.” Oh you and your funny men, I think. But I can’t be bitter, not really. Instead I write you a story that I know will make you laugh.  Then I press ENTER.  I wait.



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10 responses to “I’m funny, like me

  1. I know this story. It keeps running in my head. And I wonder why I am the one who always waits.

  2. Kym

    Again you sweep me up in your story. Thank you.

  3. Kym

    Yes, where are you? We miss you.

  4. You have been away way too long. Don’t you think it’s time you came back?

  5. You write beautifully. I am sad to see that you no longer seem to share your words here.

  6. max

    Hey. You. Yes you. Hello? Kinda been a while. Am missing your words.

  7. lostintranslation11

    I like this…so wistful it creates a beautifully sad, yet promising picture in my mind!

  8. Oscar, where have you been? You are the only blog left on my blogroll, in hopes you come back.

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